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Chakra Balancing with Reiki & Sound

Using an intuitive combination of reiki and sound, Chakra energy balancing works to restore equilibrium to all aspects of ourselves.

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Chakras are energy centres

When our chakras are in harmony we feel balanced mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually. When one or more are out of sync, we likely feel ‘off’ or have the sense that something isn’t quite right but we can’t put our finger on it. 

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How reiki & sound help

Reiki is a gentle and safe energetic healing modality that brings harmony to our whole being by supporting the body's natural healing ability.


Sound healing activates the parasympathetic nervous system. The sound frequencies slow down brainwaves to a restorative state activating the body’s self-healing system.

flower Image by Carol Lima


The benefits of receiving reiki energy are many and include decreased stress, calming for an anxious mind, better sleep, balanced chakra energy, feeling more grounded, creative inspiration and a deepening of your spiritual connection.

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Usui Reiki Master, Violet Flame attuned, Chakra Therapist, E-YT 500

Reiki energy is pure love from the universe channeled through me to you. I love this healing modality because it is gentle and non-invasive. It gives busy minds a place to rest, quiets an anxious nervous system and generally leaves you with a feeling of ‘ah, that’s better’. When this energy is combined with the soft sounds of Koshi chimes and Tibetan singing bowls, it takes that feeling to another level. 


I look forward to sharing these beautiful energies with you. Schedule your session or send me a message if you have any questions.

Kyra reiki master
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