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Our yoga practice should be alive and adaptable to our needs as we go through the seasons of our lives.
~ Paul Grilley ~


For Your Information


Registration is done online:

  • Up to 1 hour before the start time for drop-in and 2 hours for Friday Night Magic classes.

  • Up to 24 hours prior for workshops, events & reiki treatments. 

  • No drop-ins permitted. 

Arriving for Class

Doors open 15 minutes before class. Please bring your mat and any props you like to use. We do have blocks and mats for you to borrow if you forget yours.

During Class

Some teachers offer hands-on adjustments and will always ask before offering them. You always have the freedom to say 'No thank you' (you won't offend us). We do provide a variety of verbal cues and demonstrate modifications. Please don't hesitiate to ask for clarification or an alternative.

Cancelling a Class

Cancellations are done online, up to 2 hours before class starts or 24 hours for workshops & reiki treatme. No refunds or credits are issued if you register but do not attend.

The door will be locked at the beginning of each class; late comers will not be admitted.

Staying Healthy

We all share the responsibility for monitoring our general health - if you are feeling unwell, please do not attend in-studio classes. We promise to do the same. We're happy to for you to join us online. 


Our studio is a place where all people from all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome to experience yoga in a safe and inviting space. Empathy, diversity and compassion make our yoga community a magical place!


Yoga for the Soul

The body is amazing and has the innate ability to heal itself but we sometimes struggle with the how. Yoga is one of the ways we can support ourselves in becoming balanced and healthful souls. 

There is no one size fits all - we are all individuals with individual needs. We have classes in a variety of styles and compassionate teachers who are excited to guide you along your yoga journey. 

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