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Meet our Instructors

We are a group of magical souls who are very passionate about yoga on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. Yoga is one of the ways we can support ourselves in becoming balanced and healthful beings. Each of us brings a unique and thoughtful perspectives to our classes.


Isabel (she/her)

Passionate about yoga and wellness, Isabel has been practicing for over 20 years. Her classes are for both the new yogi and the experienced one, teaching under the firm belief that our breath is medicine that can heal and transform us and that Yoga should be accessible to all.

500 YTT, also shares Kundalini, Yoga Nidra, Yin, Pre- and Post-Natal, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Reiki, Sound Bath & Barre


Amanda (she/her)

Amanda's holistic approach to teaching yoga is balanced with humour and lightheartedness which will set you instantly at ease.  She is attentive and intuitive in order to provide a safe yet challenging practice for everyone. Amanda is honoured to share the wisdom and gifts of her own pain journey to educate, inspire and liberate others living with chronic pain.


Christine (she/her)

Christine brings  sincerity, compassion, understanding, and encouragement to her classes. She'll lead you through series of asana (yoga poses) allowing for the opportunity to slow down, take a look inside to see, feel, and breathe yourself into places of forgiveness, letting go, gratitude, and self-love.

RYT500   Reiki II   Meditation


Alyssa (she/her)

Alyssa has always found Yoga as her moving meditation and a divine connection to self. Since discovering Yoga in 2008, she knew she wanted to hold space for others to experience as much joy and growth on thier mat as Yoga has brought her.  She is a forever student of the 8 limbs of Yoga teachings and is excited to share some of her learnings with you!


Nallely (she/her)

Hello, my name is Nallely (na-YEA-lee) and I’d love to be your yoga teacher. I’m a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher, a 95hr Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher, and a certified Growing Up Mindful teacher. I’m also an experienced elementary school teacher. I enjoy planning dynamic and interactive yoga and mindfulness classes that help you feel your best!

I’m thrilled to be teaching at Highlands Yoga Room!


Julianna (she/her)

Julianna has over a decade of teaching experience, she is excited to share her love of yoga, barre and Pilates 

Julianna is known for her warm and welcoming presence

She motivates her students with a practice that harnesses the power of their breath.

Her classes are twist of humour and a sprinkle of zen. She helps students align their mind, body and breath to feel present and powerful. 

200 YTT, Bikram, Pilates, Barre, Wim Hof, Yin, Reiki.


Ayeisha (she/her)

I was first introduced to yoga back in 2012- I went to a hot vinyasa flow for the first time. What started as a physical workout turned very quickly into a journey of growth and healing. Learning what is Yoga alongside the asana portion, has been such a rewarding experience that is ever changing. I LOVE the feeling of being grounded in my body and challenging it by trying new asanas, while having fun (especially inversions and balancing postures)! One of the best parts of a physical yoga practice is, it truly is for everyBODY- no matter your size, flexibility, strength or age. I so look forward to sharing my love and passion for this beautiful practice with you.

See you on the mat soon. 


Diana (she/her)

Diana fell in love with yoga when she realized it was a great physical AND emotional practice. A yogic lesson that has really resonated with her is to be uniquely yourself and people will love you for that. Diana is a lover and learner of life and is always looking for more opportunities for growth. She couldn’t have done so if not for the mentors who held space and support her. Diana is looking forward to providing space and support for her students so that they can flourish in their own lives.


Janelle (she her)

Janelle’s approach is to create an accessible space for everybody. Her classes are like a ‘choose your own adventure’, where she is narrator and each student has their own story. Janelle also might be the only yoga teacher who hates the beach and sunshine, but don’t hold that against her.


Jenny (she/her)

Jenny is a practicing witch, reader, and shamanic practitioner. Through her spiritual and academic studies in translation, she realized that we are all spiritual translators, interpreting our dreams, signs in nature, and readings. Her goal is to help people realize and live their destinies, so we may all come together to create a world in which we honour each other, ourselves, and nature.


Makaela (she/her)

Yoga has been an integral part of Makaela’s holistic lifestyle for more than a decade. She is known for her bright, vibrant energy and philosophical wit. In class, Makaela encourages everyone to embrace their daily authenticity and practice intuitively. She provides guidance that is stimulating for both the body and the mind; while striving to create a safe space to cultivate meaningful connections to the self and to each other. 


Marianne (she/her)

I believe that laughter is a necessary component of a yoga class. One of the things I enjoy most about teaching beginners is watching students become more aware of their bodies. There are amazing moments in our practice when our unconscious movements and patterns become conscious. I love to hear about your 'a-ha!' moments.


Marina (she/her)

Marina is a connector at heart. Her bright, bubbly and cheerful personality allows her to foster beautiful connections. 

This is the result of connections she has made and a community that has been so pivotal to her personal growth journey.

Igniting a desire to offer others similar opportunities to grow into their best selves, Marina is currently in the process of taking her Reiki training and is avid hugger of both, humans and trees.  


TJ (he/they)

I became a personal trainer and yoga teacher to try and help fill a gap that many of us have experienced – finding teachers and environments where students feel genuinely safe and listened to. I've taken specialized training  in fitness accessibility, trauma-informed coaching, mindfulness, Yoga Nidra and other facets of health and wellbeing, to help me better meet that need. I love helping people reconnect to their body and find joy in both movement and stillness.


Chantal (she/her)

Chantal Eder is a passionate movement specialist, who focuses on Pre & Postnatal wellness. She is a certified Yoga teacher, postnatal fitness coach,  Childbirth Educator.

Chantal’s in depth training with back care and alignment specialist Alison West, and subsequent prenatal training with Deb Flashenberg of NYC’s Prenatal Yoga Centre have helped form Chantal’s gentle yet fortifying practice. She helps her students explore the landscape of their movements, by bringing together mindfulness and strength training, creating a conscious body experience.

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