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Crystal Grids are remarkable energy tools that are used in the manifestation of goals and aspirations. The power of a crystal grid comes from the combination of crystals, sacred geometry and personal intention. When a crystal grid is created, the metaphysical properties of the selected items become energetically connected. They work together to amplify or transmute energies of a space.


Aprox. 33 cm wide x 33 cm high


Kits come packaged in an organza / linen pouch with instructions for use. A cloth grid is versatile for use at home or travel.

Crystal Grid

  • The Flower of Life is considered one of the most sacred of all symbols, revered in many faiths around the world. Emitting energy in a pattern of boundless elegance, symbolizing beauty and creation. Its components are said to be found in the first vibratory patterns of the universe, where all things emerge from the perfectly organized pattern. This kit features a flower of life design on a linen mat and a combination of love stones which include clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst. 

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